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  • The Face of Another

    The Face of Another


    Everyone has a back and front stage self. The mask we portray to those around us in hopes of social acceptance and comfortability being the front stage and the back stage being our inner thoughts, traits and turmoils. This theory developed by Erving Goffman begs the question; which is the authentic self? If the characteristics we display to the world determine social worth, what is the merit of the of our back stage personality, if it's just for us? The…

  • Man with a Movie Camera

    Man with a Movie Camera


    Man with a Movie Camera is a definitively timeless work of art that forged a creative path for the future of the medium and its artists. This film informs the audience of it’s intentions by clearly stating.

    This experimental work aims at creating a truly international absolute language of cinema based on its complete separation from the language of theatre and literature.

    Assessing the success of the experiment i’d say, bewilderingly successful. Man with a movie camera, shows unfiltered depictions…

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  • 1968 < 2018 > 2068

    1968 < 2018 > 2068


    This is memorizing and somewhat unsettling at times which I appreciated but i do not agree with most of the stylistic choices. From a conceptual standpoint it had so much potential, but the execution doesn’t provide.

  • Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees

    Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees


    I can appreciate this films commitment to absurdity above all else. Traits including the comedic perversions, the over overdramatized violence and acting or the entire concept of sinister cherry blossoms are what makes this film so wildly entertaining. There are numerous instances where this film had me either cackling or simply jaw dropped. With every twist brings another layer of absurdity, all of which is delivered in such a humorous matter of fact manner. Gender norms seem to be a…

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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    “Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? ”

    The Witch intimately dissects the horrors of colonialism, faith, starvation, coming of age, witchcraft, satany and grief.  All of these themes are enveloped in an extremely entertaining and well researched screen play. The whimsical and dramatized old english dialogue is a true selling point for this film. I think Robert Eggers crafts well executed period pieces that are extremely entertaining and horrifying.

  • The Silence

    The Silence


    Somewhat of an oddity in Bergman's filmography, The Silence embraces aesthetic and tone over dialogue. The first half of the film quietly establishes the conflicts and tensions between sisters; Anna and Ester. Their silent stirrings come to dramatic fruition in the third act, highlighting the juxtaposition between their characters and their copping mechanisms. This melodrama is experienced through the perspective of Anna's young son Johan, who like the audience, is somewhat isolated from the conflicts taking place. Johan is a…