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  • The Bad News Bears

    The Bad News Bears


    I never knew Jackie Earle Haley was a child actor...

    Walter Matthau is constantly drunk in this.
    The Kids are awesome and have no filter.

    I loved this.


  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    Just another Mundane day at work for a piece of shit Boss.

    Matthew MacFayden is THE COLDEST dude.

    The impersonal camera view makes this seem like a Documentary.

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  • No Down Payment

    No Down Payment


    Ritt's evisceration of Boomin' american suburbia.

    Takes on a lot of issues still relevant today like the Credit card Debt culture propagated to people for profits

    4 neighboring couples are desperately seeking their way up in society.That struggle is showing their darker side with every advancing minute.

  • Tenet



    Not sure i fully understood this on first watch.
    Chris Nolan and Time are in a really bad relationship and they need to split up.

    Still, it's a pretty good Highbrow Action Film with a lot of cool shit in it.
    The Villain is pretty weak though, sorry Branagh.