Kourosh Amini

Kourosh Amini

I Don't have any Art, but the Art of Being Artless

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Favorite films

  • Annie Hall
  • The 400 Blows
  • A Short Film About Love
  • Drive My Car

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  • Drive My Car


  • Perfect Blue


  • Cool Hand Luke


  • Belle de Jour


Recent reviews

  • The Fire Within

    The Fire Within


    می هم علاج غصۀ ما را نمی کند 
    عیش و نشاط، عقده ز دل وا نمی کند 
    خواهم شوم خموش ولی اضطراب دل
    من را رها ز شورش و غوغا نمی کند

    هر کس شراب از خم وارستگی چشید 
    روی طلب به مردم دنیا نمی کند

    حضرت صابر کرمانی 

    I want to go silent, but the fire within my heart
    Would not leave me lonely from the turmoil of the heart

    and Wine isn't enough to cure our sorrow…

  • Dissection



    I'm not quite sure what the question is, but the answer is Yes

    we can surely have an Iranian new wave. 

Popular reviews

  • The Hourglass Sanatorium

    The Hourglass Sanatorium


    Federico Fellini: I make Reality look like dream.

    David Lynch: I make dream look like reality. 

    Luis Buñuel: I mix reality and dreams and you can't tell which one is which. 

    Wojciech Has: F#ck reality; it's a useless piece of garbage, I DON'T NEED IT. 

    P.s: it's a really well made movie, but a little too much for me (and I couldn't watch it in a right circumstance) so I didn't really connect with it; maybe a rewatch after few months.

    Have a great day.

  • Soul



    سالها دل طلب جام جم از ما می‌کرد
    وانچه خود داشت، ز بیگانه تمنا می‌کرد

    بی‌دلی در همه احوال خدا با او بود
    او نمیدیدش و از دور خدایا می‌کرد 

    حضرت حافظ شیرازی 

    The written words in Persian (Farsi) is a poem from Hâfiz, the great Persian poet; which was all I could think about while watching this animation.
    Here is an expectedly bad and incomplete translation of it, to English (I apologize in advance): 

    My heart was asking me…