Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Brilliant direction, action, VFX and music (Holkenborg's on fire). Matthias's and Notaro's characters were very well done, I'd have loved to seen more of them. Rest of the cast is decent. Dave Bautista stood out, he has shown he can push himself as an actor (especially in the last act) and I hope this turns enough eyeballs so that he gets more roles where he can showcase the actor in him. He doesn't deserve to get typecast, like The Rock.

The biggest problem is the writing. There are emotional and humorous beats scattered around. The humorous ones work (mostly) but the emotional arcs are badly done. As brilliant of a director that Snyder is, I think he needs to work with better writers. I see so much potential here (a father-daughter story, a different romantic angle, some buddy-cop stuff) and it's sad to see what this movie could've been, if only it had gotten a polish. Cinematography is a bit of a nitpick for me: the shaky handycam stuff worked in most places, didn't in some others.

On the whole, it's amongst Snyder's weakest movies. BUT, it's still worth a watch, as a good summer flick (I'd call it the R rated version of Love and Monsters). There's a lot of fun to be had.

But seriously, if they are making in future epic action-zombie-heist movies, they should consider bringing in Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh to do rewriting work.

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