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  • Contact



    When I search for “Contact” on here, “Arrival” shows up on top of the search results.   It has a similar tone and theme, with aliens making first contact, but it seems like the movie named “Contact” should be at the top of the list when you search for “Contact”.   

    Beautiful movie.  It’s a grand modern adventure grounded in reality and armed with sentiment.  It’s religion and science strolling hand in hand, skipping and whistling down the road of life.  Weeeeeee

    God I’m tired.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Gets a little too explain-y at the end. Leave at least a little mystery to the cult, yeesh.

    Also, vaginal cups being inserted in front of friends is gross. Girls are gross. Icky fingers.

    A boy equivalent would be like a guy rushing into a dorm and being like "Dude, do you got my butthole cork? I got the farts and its test day!" and then his bro throws him a cork of his own and the dude jams it…

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  • The Godfather

    The Godfather

    I just don't like it, and before you rip my head off and scream endlessly in my dead ear about how amazing this movie is, let me ask you this:

    Have you ever been in church and the minister up front is droning on and on in a monotone fashion, talking about Biblical side character people and stories that you have absolutely no interest in because they don't relate to you at all. You're looking for anything to attract your…

  • Dances with Wolves

    Dances with Wolves


    Wow, this does NOT feel like a 3 hour movie. It seriously feels like 2 hours, max.

    The pacing is "slow", but it needs to be, as it pulls us into the landscape, the situations, and the characters before raising the tension. This is a movie that is an experience - it stays with you days later and it makes you think what could have been if we had done things differently when we settled North America. When we finally…