National Security

"Hi, I'm Martin Lawrence. In case you didn't notice, I'm black. I AM A BLACK PERSON!!! What, you still don't understand that? Well, seems like I will have to remind you that I AM A BLACK PERSON for the next 88 minutes, reminding everyone that police are racist against black people!"

I wanted to kill myself while watching this. Had it been an action comedy with Steve Zahn and any other black comedian (think early Eddie Murphy), this would have been barely passable: some of the early action is nice, and there are plenty of explosions and practical effects. Instead, Lawrence's presence makes this an unwatchable film, with the same jokes repeated over and over again. Most of the cast sleep-walks through this, wasting some serious talent, and the entire third act is an incomprehensible mess. Plus, the entire film is badly edited, and the last action scene has no sense of geography and space. I also hated that there are plenty of sex jokes, F-bombs and other swears, but there isn't a single drop of blood or even puff of smoke coming out of people when they get shot.

Just a plain, old, terrible action buddy cop movie. Makes me think that maybe I was too harsh with Bright.

Story: 2
Directing: 4
Cinematography: 5
Acting: 3
Sound: 4
Visual Effects: 7.5


Violence & Gore: 7
Sex & Nudity: 5.5
Drugs & Profanity: 5
Intensity & Horror: 2

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