Original Title: Wavelength
Year of Release: 1967
Genres: Experimental
Director: Michael Snow
Writer: Michael Snow
Main Cast: Hollis Frampton; Amy Taubin

19/100 of A Decade Called 1960s: 2018 Edition

It's watching movies like this that always fascinate me. For many people this is a masterpiece, a look on how mundane life is and how our relationships are getting slimmer and less real by the minute. To me, this was like watching paint-dry, with barely any little enjoyment. That is probably because I am a big fan of in-the-moment emotions, finishing a movie with strong emotions inside me. If you leave me with a straight face for the entire film, making me wish that I was doing anything instead of watching it, then you are don't work for me. You can explain it to me all you want, and I get it, but simply because the director achieved what he wanted to do doesn't mean that I enjoyed that experience.

If you go into this, put on your smart-guy glasses, causes you will be seeing over 20 minutes of the same shot with different colours, and a couple short moments of action. But hey, 'Strawberry Fields' is a sweet song.


Violence & Gore: 2
Sex & Nudity: 0
Drugs & Profanity: 0
Intensity & Horror: 0

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