Rear Window

Rear Window ★★★★★

Man...How this film is awesome, my God !
Hitchcock and his team at their creativity pinnacle. Each time I watch this I enjoy more and more. The situations, dialogues, characters and the development of the plot, everything is extremely clever and brilliantly directed.

Lisa's (Grace Kelly) introduction is one of my favorites character introductions of all time, you understand and fall in love with her character with just a few scenes and some dialogues. Grace's chemistry with Jimmy's character is fantastic and they complement each other extremely well, they have a sort of an enchanting aura around them, it's so pleasant to watch these two talk, discuss, work together and above all, learn more about each other and with Jefferies finally understanding what Lisa means to him.

I really love this film and it's right on the top with Gone With The Wind as one of my favorites of the Golden Age of Hollywood and of all time of course, Hitchcock created his definitive masterpiece with this film.
(Finally got the 4K blu ray and even that not a real 4K, for obviously reasons, the remaster looks gorgeous)

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