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  • Your Honor

    Your Honor


    my incoherent and very deep and relevant thoughts on the final episode

    though there were definitely issues with this show -- unnecessary/questionable plot lines, improbable coincidences, and adam as a character -- i'm so glad i watched it. i love bryan cranston, so i am biased. i wish he was my dad, that's all.

    stulhberg and cranston's performances are what make this show. just to see them together is fucking incredible. i would LOVE to see them collaborate more.


  • Everybody Loves Somebody

    Everybody Loves Somebody

    i was too focused on karla souza to actually pay attention. i am pretty sure there was a plot to this tho.

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  • Léon: The Professional

    Léon: The Professional


    im uncomfortable

  • Your Honor

    Your Honor


    episode 8

    the storyline is so intricate. the level of deceit, manipulation, and lying is flabbergasting. i am so anxious to learn what happens in the end. 

    cranston and stuhlbarg are ridiculously talented actors. i am so ready to see what happens to their characters. i love that notes of heisenberg come out in cranston's performance.

    i really, really miss breaking bad.