Christopher Jacobson

Christopher Jacobson


Dweeb. Horror fiend. Likes Iggy Pop's "The Idiot" more than is probably healthy.

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  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    Featuring Ted Raimi in the role of Human Condom Dispenser.

  • Stripped to Kill

    Stripped to Kill


    Got fooled by the marketing, thinking this was a slasher. Look at that cover art: that's a slasher cover. The movie itself is a third-rate crime drama. Avoid this crap.

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  • Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie


    About as fun as the bad games he reviews. Disappointing. It's like the writers conjured up jokes they THOUGHT people would find funny rather than what genuinely is. This is Scary Movie 3 level of comedy and I just can't stand it, and it would have been nice for Rolfe to make a good low-budget movie rather than one that's so endlessly self-aware as to offend the senses. The supporting cast sucks. When I first saw the trailer, I had…

  • Das Komabrutale Duell

    Das Komabrutale Duell


    Silly. Outrageous. A tale of revenge. A man, Heiko (played by the director) hits another man while drunk driving. Stefan, the deceased's son, vows revenge and hires the Eightlets Mafia (Mexican octuplets) to kill Heiko and his family. His parents are slaughtered and Heiko beaten so senseless he's left in a coma. Upon awakening, he meanders about almost as if nothing happened...until he is attacked again, this time by Stefan personally, and the coma-brutal duel begins, involving Heiko's two brothers…