A Summer at Grandpa's

A Summer at Grandpa's ★★★★

[mostly memories of my grandpa]

i've always been a fat person yet my grandpa always picked me up and swung me around in his arms every time he saw me. he'd nuzzle my cheek and though i'd say i didn't like the feeling of his stubbly beard, he'd go on anyway. he used to take me on motorcycle rides around isabela city, we'd visit his friends, look at rubber trees, just stand in silence. we'd light up leftover sparklers at night as we sat on the outdoor steps of their house.

it still bothers me that i've been too engrossed in my studies when he got covid over the summer, but i know that's what he'd want me to do. it bothers me that i haven't expressed my feelings and thoughts if he wasn't able to make it through (fortunately he's fine). it bothers me that i don't remember the last time he picked me up and swung me around. i wish i could tell my younger self to stay in the moment and not to worry and wonder about the future so much.