Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★½

i like the way this is framed i love the stops in the story where we get narration about where everyone is or whats going on. it makes the movie feel so much more alive when we get these little pieces of insight into the characters intimate thoughts and the people they meet. its also amazing to see everything they pass by i love when luisa tells the boys theyre lucky to live in mexico because its full of life everywhere you go and that really is what were seeing through the whole movie. i love the scene where they donate money to the queen. its a little tough to not get annoyed by the boys at first but their connection and their moments of vulnerability make them so much more likable by the end and the ending feels really bittersweet because of that. like you know they probably are bad influences on each other but the reason you like them at all is because of who they are to each other. very sweet movie it feels a bit like a love letter to mexico less so the elite class its directly about but the majority population that are transients in the story. its great

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