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Steve Blank


By night I scrub floors at Walmart. By day I watch an unhealthy number of movies.

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  • An Affair to Remember

    An Affair to Remember


    The first half is great. The second half is.... there. (A little disappointed the TCM Wine they paired with this was a chardonnay & not a pink champagne like was mentioned in the film multiple times; but the bottle they sent was very tasty.)

  • Chillin’ with Scrat

    Chillin’ with Scrat


    This is not a Scrat short or a movie of any kind. This is the name of a bonus disc of games/activities. You can watch someone on Youtube play em tho & that's what I'm logging:

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  • Another Night of the Living Dead

    Another Night of the Living Dead


    Half of this is the original Night Of The Living Dead with added sound effects for "comedic" effect. Most of the time, it's a fart sound. If you thought Night Of The Living Dead didn't have enough farts, this movie might be for you. 
    The other half is a horrible nerd character who is either in completely new scenes or digitally inserted in old Night Of The Living Dead footage. He's annoying & awful. His catchphrase: "Suck my balls." So fucking…

  • Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

    Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween


    There's an idiot pumpkin. He has 3 lines. He's the best part.