Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

okay big serious post time

ever since i watched boy like 3(?) years ago i have been The Taika Waititi Super Fan and you know what? it is SO NICE to watch him progress and mature with his film making but he never once loses his unique style nd humour and just GOD this film made me cry in the cinema SO HARD. everything about it was wonderful and so original and unique. again taika has proved himself to be the master of happy sad movies. also i am soooo glad it was taika that made this bc if anyone else had made this film there is no way the satirical elements would fit so perfectly with the heartbreaking and funny shit. honestly shoutout to jojo rabbit for being a masterpiece i have a lot to say about it but i cant really articulate all of my emotions lol 5 stars

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