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  • Console Wars

    Console Wars


    Really liked this, wish they spoke about Game Gear vs Gameboy and more about the Saturn. Never read the book that I believe is related to this doc. This discusses the American vs. Japanese sides of the different companies, but only from the US side. A lean overview, but still really awesome, the animation was cool and the editing cracked me up a few times.

  • Pluto's Christmas Tree

    Pluto's Christmas Tree


    I love Chip N Dale and I love Christmas, great short!

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  • Songbird


    This takes place in 2024 where Covid never went away, it mutated up 4 notches to 23, which kills millions. the rest is a love story wrapped tightly with all of the high tech police state violence you need to be truly freaked out.

    As soon as Hollywood is legally allowed to film, a horror flick about Covid is made. Hollywood earns it's reputation as a land of sleazy, self unaware sociopaths. I always casually said fuck Michael Bay, but now, fuuuuuck Michael Bay.

  • The Division

    The Division

    I hate when people put up reviews for films that did not come out yet, hate it.


    This shit is either going to be fast tracked or scrapped altogether. Creepy present-dystopian thriller, right on time too.