A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★


A Quiet Place is probably one of the most popular horror movies to come out in recent memory, and it’s kind of complicated as to why I chose to see this movie three years after it came out. Recently, a few COVID restrictions got lifted for fully vaccinated people here in Bahrain, and one of them was that movie theaters finally reopened. My plan was to go to the theater as soon as something interesting was available, and since I’m planning to go to the theater tomorrow, my initial choice was Wrath of Man, since I found out that it was made by the talented Guy Ritchie rather than just some guy. When I found out that A Quiet Place Part II was also available, though, I decided to watch A Quiet Place before going to bed so that I actually knew what was going on. 

Now that you know why I decided to see this, it’s time to talk about the movie itself, and I had a pretty good time with A Quiet Place. The gimmick of having to be as silent as possible is a pretty interesting one, and while I do remember a lot of people nitpicking the movie when it first came out, I still thought that it did what it set out to do pretty well and the inconsistencies didn’t really distract me from the movie or pull me out of the experience. Like many other people, I found it difficult to take John Krasinski seriously at first due to being conditioned by hours and hours of watching The Office, but his genuinely good performance got me somewhat invested. 

I think that the main thing that weakened the experience for me was the constant use of music. Not only does it sound like a generic Hollywood horror score, but it made A Quiet Place a lot less quiet than it should’ve been, and I think they should’ve ditched the score entirely and instead put more detail into the sound design instead of primarily using it for predictable jumpscares. I also thought that the cinematography was pretty bland, but that’s kind of what I expected, since that can be seen in a lot of directorial debuts from people who were primarily actors. Overall, A Quiet Place is a fun movie with a neat premise, and while it didn’t offer much else besides that, I don’t think that it really needed to.

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