Phantom of the Paradise

Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★


While Brian De Palma is mostly known for his psychological thrillers, crime dramas, and horror movies, he’s apparently made movies in a wide range of genres, and I wanted to see the movies of his that differ from his usual fare by starting with Phantom of the Paradise. Pretty much all of De Palma’s have some level of camp or cheesiness, but none of them come close to Phantom of the Paradise. The unpredictable plot, lighthearted energy, and the horror-infused sets and costumes all add to the film’s campiness, and that camp is what makes Phantom of the Paradise so fun, in my opinion. Aside from knowing their basic premises, I’m not entirely familiar with Phantom of the Opera or Faust, but seeing the way that elements from each of these stories were blended together was pretty interesting, and it makes me want to see those individual movies in order to appreciate Phantom of the Paradise even more. 

I was honestly surprised to see Jessica Harper show up as one of the main characters, since I’ve only known her as Suzy Bannion from Suspiria. I’m really excited to see Brian De Palma’s non-thriller/crime/horror movies, as I had a great time with Phantom of the Paradise.

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