Before Sunset ★★★★★

What If ... ?

A faint smell of Vienna comes back to Jesse and Celine with absolute clarity, as if they could reach out and caress it through the fingertips. Nine years gone by in an instant, but the memory is still sharp and clear as Kath Bloom’s Come Here continuously rings at the back of their minds. This sunset is full of doleful regrets unlike its romantic fairytale-like predecessor. I laughed, I cried by the nudge of simplicity. Isn't that what life’s all about ? Conversations that seem to be so banal yet so free. So affectionate and wise yet so accusatory. Ambiguity in body motions and eroticism in timid glances. Eighty minutes of reserved feelings and hidden emotions being translated into words and casual repartee.

Memory is a wonderful thing if you don't have to deal with the past.

Molecular disintegration...

Long tracking shots through the city of love soothe the eyes. Here, our ex-lovers are pouring out their hearts, while simultaneously, chewing over their pasts in the unadorned beauty of twilight. Humour and jubilation can also be found through the laid-back, snappy banters as jokes are overtly hurled across one another. Awkward niceties then grow into heartfelt tête-à-têtes. The effects of time and aging have enveloped their existences, which consequently trap them between fiery passions and responsibilities, failing relationships and desires. A rare moment of tranquility erupts in an anxietic outburst, only to unburden the heaviness of life itself. Sunset shows a different side of love that streamlines serenity through life circumstances. Simplicity turns into complexity in a brief moment of peace.

Celine : “Say stop”



Indeed, 🖕 that ✈️

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