Blindspotting ★★★½

You monsters got me feeling like a monster in my own town!

A swirl of emotions that speaks, shrieks and sings in obfuscatory speech concurrently pouring its heart over the tantalizing final confrontation. Realism's exchanged for a staggering hip-hop sensation that breaks down all four walls in severe catharsis. Carlos Estrada allows his weapon to fire on all cylinders in too many directions thus not every aspect smoothly sticks the landing. Forcibly silenced by unjust acts of racial inequality, police brutality…our protagonists are constantly wrestling with their own cultural identities, recklessly stumbling into countless of questions posed with dubiety and eternally seeking for a thoughtful response they could never conclude. Anger and helplessness forging onto the verge of mental collapse while the tone is rapidly zigzagged from comically playful to unblinking seriousness, which is unevenly propelled by an intensive exertion with a hard-punched sentimentalism. A consistent stream of hustle & flow that is bolstered by the banging interplay between Collin and Miles characters as Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal both emanate ferocious energy of hot-blooded indignation beneath their usual façade, willing to let pain turn into aggression - The kind of aggression that soars to poetic heights before all-at-once combusting into flames.

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