Gemini Man ★★★½

Ang Lee’s love letter to John Woo operates as a throwback to the golden era of B-movies excess. The past and the present may look a lot like each other but they are not wholly identical. Gemini Man leans toward the mythically absurd, where it hurls the viewers into a lively animated world that of a 3rd person shooter thanks to Mr. Lee’s tactile artisanship and twisted ambitions for high frame rate/technology. The whole ordeal was just unreal to behold. The action scenes are pristine, smoothly maneuvered, and ridiculously mad that the entire motorcycle jousting sequence readily puts Tom Cruise's MI2 to shame. It is a miracle that Ang Lee manages to perfectly match the story’s cold, artificial persona up with his cheesier, heartfelt humanistic side which helps underline the movie’s conflicting themes to good effect. A silly, but poignant kaleidoscopic actualization of a video game that pits the past against the present, reconciling the old with the young, you to yourself (say hello to Face Off), what you were and what you are - all as if everything was an illusion created from monitors and mirrors, where people/characters seem more like computer-generated avatars than anything else. This is simply out of the ordinary.

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