Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

Cameron’s finest hour (Titanic kicks an equal amount of ass as well, just not as flawlessly). Schwarzenegger too, though Total Recall and Kindergarten Cop deserve recognition. God level badassery is a term I’ve coined during my time as a critic, and not only does this fit the bill, it defines it. It simply doesn’t get cooler than T2. If this is on TV, people stop what they’re doing and go sit their butts down on couches faster than a Beatles concert ticket sale. Pre-90s child star curse Eddie Furlong lights up the screen, as John Connor is the heart and humor of the picture (Robert Patrick’s T-1000, despite being an ultra badass, is hilarious in his villainous pursuit, adding to the humor of the piece). 

There’s a scent of perfection lingering in the air every time Cameron’s swift direction coupled with crisp editing triumphs like a symphony. Unusual lyricism while describing an action/sci-fi/thriller, but it’s one of those lightning in a bottle moments that calls for it. Like Aliens that came before it and Avatar that came after, Cameron can’t help but send in swat level troops to battle against these robotic monsters, but this is the most anti-military he’ll ever get (the amount of dumb cops getting shot on the leg seals the deal). It’s so ridiculously 1991, like Cameron’s other works that can’t seem to escape the year it derives from, but it’s so booming with creativity that you appreciate Guns ‘N Roses’ “You Could Be Mine” blasting at you right before the action kicks off.

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