4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days ★★★★½

Kurdt Attempts To March Around The World 2015 Challenge #10 - Romania

This is the fourth film I've watched as a part of this challenge that's featured a vast amount of long takes throughout. Coincidentally or not, they've all been very good and 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days is no exception. It's a very simple story, told exceptionally. Roommates Otilia and Gabita look to arrange an illegal abortion in communist Romania. The film a lot of the time felt like a play, with scenes running extremely long with simply a static camera focused on the actors riffing off brilliant dialogue with no hesitation. Every performer is brilliant and the screenplay is air tight, filled with natural dialogue that take a relatively straight forward story to the next level. Despite the lack of major plot points, what really shone through was the hardship everyone had to deal with within communism. Every room is cramped and downtrodden, the lighting is often murky and the dirty air is palpable. The cinematography was fairly low-key throughout but the locations were so authentic that not much needed to be done to highlight the filthy nature of the country. The penultimate scene with Otilia is where Mungiu is truly able to use the location and the night to his advantage and he creates a tense scene that's probably the perfect metaphor for how the Romanian people were treated during that time. Despite a deliberate lack of background info on every character it was Mr Bebe's calm yet crescendoing anger that truly stole the show for me, every scene he was in was a nerve-wrangling highlight, which sums up the whole film.

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