Anomalisa ★★★½

So I rewatched Anomalisa, one of the top 5 films of that embarrassing “100 movies in one summer” video I did 2 years ago, and after an hour long discussion with the people I watched it with that ended in me deciding once again that CMBYN is insanely irresponsible, I’m coming to terms with the fact that this isn’t the “masterpiece” I made it out to be. What a long sentence!

It could be that I watched Synecdoche New York after seeing this (and FAMOUSLY was more blown away by that) or it could be me being forced to try and make sense of it to a room full of people who hated it, ultimately and unsurprisingly losing that debate. Because while I still feel what this film wants me to feel and I absolute love most of how it’s presented as far as visuals go, I can’t deny it feels like a thesis statement with no argument to follow that up with.

There’s something this film has to say about isolation, and there’s something this film has to say about change, and there’s something this film has to say about perspective, and there’s something this film has to say about something else. Me being able to recognize these attempts and feel something towards them is enough to say this ambitious idea was executed better than it should have been. I’ll always love it for feeling like it understood me during that first viewing. But it’s a mess and I think I’m just too dumb to put what I enjoyed about it into words, which could say something about me, but I’m coming to terms that it might be on the film. This review makes it out to be something I really didn’t like but don’t get me wrong it’s still cool.

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