Bad Education

Bad Education ★★★★

Cory Finley is Yorgos Lanthimos in day mode and that’s a great thing. After Thoroughbreds I was anticipating what he’d do next and this makes me super excited for the NEXT thing he does. His tone is starting to form a voice of it's own in Bad Education, balancing crime and humor in a way that never gives you a moment to breathe. 

The specific shade of blue in practically every shot of this film gives off a specific feeling of prestige that, when mixed with the meticulous framing, brings in that teaspoon of underlying guilt. As though things are almost too perfect. Also fantastic performances from everyone involved, Hugh Jackman clearly being a standout. Couldn’t post this review without mentioning that.

Don’t get me wrong, Onward being at the top of my 2020 list wasn’t a bad thing, but it feels good to have a favorite movie of the year that I actually feel good about recommending to people.

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