I'm Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes - The Man and His Work ★★★★★

"I don't think people can live without a philosophy. What is philosophy? 'Phylos' in Greek means friend or love. Love and Friend is synonymous. The study of any 'ophy' is the study OF. so it's the study of LOve. and to have a philosophy is to know how to love and to know where to put it. because you can't put it everywhere you'd walk around you'd got to have to be a minister or priest saying 'yes my son' or 'yes my daughter'. 'bless you'. But people don't live that way they live with anger and hostility and problems and lack of money lack of.. you know tremendous disappointments in their life. So what they need is a philosophy, i think what everybody needs is a way to say... 'Where and how can i love, can I be in Love so that I can live. So that i can live with some degree of peace.' and i guess every picture we have ever done has been in a way to try to find some kind of philosophy for the characters in the film. you know. So that's why i have a need to uh.. for the characters to really analyze love, discuss it, kill it, destroy it, hurt each other, do all that stuff in that WAR, in that word polemic and picture polemic of WHAT LIFE IS, you know. And the rest of the stuff really doesn't interest me. It may interest other people, but I, you know, I have a one track mind, that's all i'm interested in.....is love"