Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★


Ok maybe not. I loved Wonder Woman and I'm still looking forward to seeing Aquaman, but at this rate DCEU won't be able to keep up with what Marvel has achieved. It has just outdone itself with this epic superhero crossover that's so unlike anything we have seen before. I still can't believe that I just saw the film in its entirety. It's a lot to take in, but I left the theater with a huge smile on my face. To see the culmination of its first decade on the big screen today is a cinematic experience that I won't forget!

I LOVED Infinity War. This is the cinematic equivalent of an intense orgasm that lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes (with a few intermissions.) Ok that's a hyperbole. But the last time a movie could induce such an irresistable adrenaline rush in me was The Force Awakens, two years ago. Infinity War will sweep you off your feet from the very first minute and take you through an intergalactic journey filled with despair and dread. And it's a boisterous one. Once you reach the finish line, you'll probably be left catatonic with mental strain. This is probably the first Marvel film where I had to look away from the screen several times. I won't go any further on this, but let's just say that there're moments that put a ton of emotional weight on you. At times it will be probably too much to bear. Not because someone dies, but because the stakes are so incredibly high. The audience members in my theater went wild several times. The energy in the packed house was INSANE.

My biggest issue with the movie is how the Russo brothers juggle the tone. It has a wild sense of humor that you can expect from Marvel, and it rarely feels forced. But the comic timing is occasionally strange, the tonal change too abrupt. I have to say though, the movie never fails to elicit laughs when it tries to lighten you up. I love one particular moment, which involves Okoye and Bruce Banner. It's brief, but Danai Gurira's facial expression in that scene is priceless. That woman is the best!

Infinity War actually has quite a big heart. Essentially, this is a movie about love and loss. It's a huge triumph that the movie didn't turn out to be an incoherent mess, given the Russo brothers' massive undertaking of handling all these characters who have taken the center stage before in their own films. Everyone is given a fair share of screentime, enough to show us some of the awesome new gimmicks we haven't seen before from them. But my favorite character this time is Thor. I'll stop there, before spoiling anything. And Thanos is an incredibly fascinating villain, not just in terms of power. Josh Brolin brought something to this role I didn't expect.

The ending, while satisfying, will definitely leave you wanting for a whole lot more. It shocks. It surprises. It amazes. I can't wait to see what Marvel will bring to the table in the next film. It will probably be as huge, if not more, than Infinity War in terms of both visual and narrative scale. 2019 will be an insane year for blockbusters and a great year for Marvel and Star Wars fans.

That post-credits scene though.

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