Possessor ★★★★★

Visually and conceptually, Brandon Cronenberg has crafted with tools of old and new one of the most interesting and dark films of 2020. In a world saturated in orange and red and yellow, Tasya Vos is an assassin who links inside the brain of someone else to perform the killing, keeping her identity safe from the law but not from crumbling within her own mind. It’s a horrific tale of experiencing the trauma of others, and the control corporations have to mentally manipulate people. It’s a film about power; The relationships we have to both individuals and to corporations can be destructive if we lose who we are, our sense of morality, and our limits. This film, uncut, possesses the viewer just as Vos possesses Colin Tate. Cronenberg hijacks your eyes and ears. It pushes the limits. There’s so much going on here with ideas of repressed desire, identity and reality as they attach to gender and even race, a look at the future of capitalism, and the ultimate horror of losing yourself completely in the void.

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