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  • I See You

    I See You


    This is a psychological thriller about a family strained by the wife’s infidelity, the son’s resentment, and the husband being pulled into a kidnapping case that torments the town. The kidnapping takes place at the start and the husband, Greg, is put as lead on the case. The case is eerily similar to ones from years ago, where the supposed killer is behind bars. Was the wrong man put away, or is this a copycat? What seems to be the…

  • Blood Fest

    Blood Fest


    This was a mostly fun meta movie about a horror movie festival that, aptly named, turns into a blood fest. It was a little too meta and goofy for me to enjoy it enough to recommend or want to watch again. Many of the effects are laughable and the back story and ending were pretty dumb. It was also very predictable. It’s such a shame, it had some good potential and a great premise. It just didn’t deliver.

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  • Color Out of Space

    Color Out of Space


    This was a crazy movie! A family has recently moved to a farm house in rural New England when a meteorite falls into their yard. Meanwhile, a scientist is checking on the water table and finds that the water has become contaminated. The meteorite apparently has been absorbed into the ground and is changing the landscape around it, including the living beings. Soon, things begin to metamorphosis into otherworldly things, reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing. And of course, Nic…

  • Run



    This was a surprisingly good thriller with great acting by both female leads. There are some unbelievable plot lines, but still a fun thriller.