The Trial of the Chicago 7 ★★

if i could change anything about my brain, it would be the way it urges towards falling for sorkin’s bullshit. i love a wordy courtroom drama, and i love a good score. 
i actually didn’t hate SBC’s Hoffman like i went in thinking i would. come to think of it, i really didn’t hate any of the performances in this flick. (although, shout out to Demi’s point that Abdul-Mateen II is clearly out-performing every soul he shares the screen with.) 
i think i really just hate the spirit of this movie. in a time where police brutality is *again* front and center of the national dialogue, the moments this movie chose to highlight as its peaks were downright insulting to this long-standing abolitionist movement, which is maybe an intense way of saying what i really mean: i want leftists to write movies about leftist movements. i’m sick of these stories getting watered down to meaninglessness. i’m sick of our revolutionaries getting twisted by less-than-well-meaning screenwriters be played like class clowns; or worse, government-respecting, center-left agitators.
it’s a fun movie. read about the real chicago 7 before you watch, lest you fall victim to the complacency of a feel-good sorkin flick. 

“To steal from a brother or sister is evil. To not steal from the institutions that are the pillars of the Pig Empire is equally immoral.”
Rest In Peace, Abbie Hoffman.