Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead โ˜…โ˜…ยฝ

if shadows of evil (bo3) was adapted into a poorly written film ๐Ÿ˜…

this was my first zack synder film that i watched voluntarily (unlike DC) and for a film that's 2hrs and 30mins long, i couldn't care about any of the characters; i felt more compassionate for the zombies...

the one-liner jokes weren't funny, the stereotypical characters have been done so many fucking times and the daughter/geeta arc wasn't needed! it's funny because i watched the bts (on netflix) and they insist that army of the dead is going to be "original, fun yet horrifying" and they entirely missed the mark. it's exactly like any other zombie/heist film, just because you're adding zombies doesn't make it unique.ย 

it could've SO easily been 90mins if they took out the pointless dialogue and annoying arcs. i wish i could give it 1.5/5 stars but due to how hard the programmers, editors, sfx makeup artists etc worked, it wouldn't be fair.

side note: i started a new list of animesย ive watched and would appreciate any recommendations <3

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