Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue ★★★★★

perfect blue is a work of such subtle nuance and dreamlike ambience; it transcends the limitations of anime and animation in general.

it's absurd how relevant perfect blue is in today's society, even 20+ years later. parasocial relationships are only getting worse, disney/nickelodeon stars (mostly women) are getting sexualised, degraded and forced into "changing their image" by doing pornography. i don't think kon's goal of perfect blue was to be political, but it does reflect on the societal norms we place on celebrities.

satoshi was extraordinary, very similar to lynch in his directorial style by making his films an immersive experience that you will never fully understand, aka my favourite type of film. 

the only 'con' about perfect blue is that i'll never watch an anime as great as perfect blue; kon's set unachievable expectations to animation and he will be missed very dearly.

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