The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★

a classic work of asian cinema that is both sexually manipulative and callously violent with great attention to both detail and symbolism.

even though the sexual nature of the handmaiden is quite overbearing at times, it highlights the intense affair of deception and betrayal; every character was so calculated, mystique and stupendous in their actions.

each part was so elegantly shot and masterfully curated by park chan-wook and the cast. all three parts were so unique in the themes of exploitation, abuse, romance and character development. my favourite part would have to be the second due to how emotionally powerful driven it is, each emotion so ambiguous yet raw in a way.

the handmaiden might be my new favourite period piece, but with saying that, i didn't anticipate that severity of nudity/sexualness and it made me a little uncomfortable but i would still consider it to be a contemporary masterpiece.

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