Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

* I was confused whether to write a review about this movie or not. Obviously I have decided to do it. I have to make one thing clear upfront. In my criticsm of this movie, apparent from my rating, I compare it not with The Godfather. That would be insane. The comparison is between the Space Jam (1996) and this movie. I gave the original 2.5/5 plus heart and thought it was a fun experience.
(Link to my review of the first Space Jam)

* I want to be upfront about another thing. This is a review of a person who wanted to enjoy this movie (because he enjoyed the first movie). Not someone who saw it because he wants to attack it with venom.

* I should say that I like both Michael Jordan, LeBron James and basketball. Without it I don't think you can like movies like this.

* I was looking forward to this movie because I knew LeBron was a way better actor than Michael (for proof see Trainwreck - 2015) This movie again showed that. I assumed because of such acting ability and the better animation modernity will provide this will be better than the first movie. 3/5 plus heart was my goal and I would have been really happy had this movie achived it in my eyes. But through no fault of LeBron, the filmmakers ruined it.

* The first movie was also stupid but it had simplicity to it and fun that comes out of it. Looney Tunes needed help. They needed to play basketball to save themselves. They get MJ to help them. Very simple. A same approach would have been more than enough to make the second movie a good experience. Instead the filmmakers went for an unnecessarily complex family drama. Why involve a fictional wife and kids who represent his real wife and kids to the story at all? It would have been so easy to find another simple but dumb plot which only involved LeBron.

An example for a very easy plot - The descendents of the villain in the first movie hate the Earth. They have been training in the basketball (which Looney Tunes play) to avenge their father. So they come to earth and threatens to kill everyone unless the best basketball player on earth and Looney Tunes defeat them in basketball played in the Looney Tunes world. So LeBron and the cartoon characters play.
(The can fill this movie with jokes, Don Cheadle can do what Bill Murray did, tribute to LeBron, also making fun of LeBron like they did with MJ etc)

* I am a person who can stretch his willing suspension of disbelief (ability to believe stories without questioning it) a lot. But when you offer such a blatantly fake family drama, however much I like LeBron, I won't be able to get on board. Fiction is easy to believe for a reason. But when you add a real person and fictional but exact representatives of his real family, it takes a lot to make that look convincing.

* To top it off, Warner Bros shamelessly used what I consider great movies, (The Matrix and Mad Max Fury Road) because they own it, to make the plot of this movie work. That really pisses off the movie fan in me.

* The Michael Jordan joke was really funny and was the best portion of the movie for me.

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