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This review may contain spoilers.

* Whatever I expected from a Yorgos Lanthimos movie (which results from a deep love for Dogtooth and The Lobster) I got it in The Favourite.

* What did I expect? Weird dark humor that's hard to find anywhere else is the first thing. Unique visual style is another. Absurdism spread all over the movie too. (There is no better or famous subject for absurdism than English monarchy 😂)

* Comedy is the hardest thing to successfully act. So it is no wonder comedians can give great dramatic performances. Colman was absolutely brilliant here.

* The casting choice of Emma Stone was perfect. She is a great actress, everyone knows that. That's not the reason. Abigail is fooling everyone in the movie. But as Emma Stone, an actress who probably never played a negative character in he life, to whom most of the audience will have a natural affection, played Abigail, the audience of the movie got fooled too like the movie characters. I didn't think she will step on a frigging rabbit at the end! Though we know we shouldn't judge someone by their outward traits, we can't help but do that a lot. So such shocks to our flawed and irrational brain, is really a welcome surprise.

* I am not saying that Abigail is a negative character. She is a human character. But because Emma Stone played her we naturally assume she will be good in her essentials. That got proved wrong which is my point. There is a sub-field of film studies which focusses on the perceived personalities of actors (from their real life and the kind of roles they usually choose) and how that impacts the meaning of a movie. This can be a great example for that.

* The final scene was really great. The tragedy of both Queen Anne and Abigail becomes crystal clear through that. Life is suffering indeed.

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