Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society ★★★★

We all have THAT kid, Cameron in our school. That mf. 

It's so warm. I love the mood of this film. Heartwarming and sweet. Relatable and understanding. 

I remember my times of poetry. Reading and embracing poetry. Once in elementary school, I did a reading for Mrs. Lallier of Road Not Taken by Robert Frost on video for some poetry thing. I had won every year #1st place in our schools poetry contest. I miss it. I miss reading and writing poetry. 

I love the characters. Just so somehow real. I could specifically see my friends in them. I know these people. 

It's all around cheesy, but you can continue and just enjoy it. Not the most perfect film.

It really made me appreciate life. I always try to, but I feel like I could just sit right now and revel in the darkness. Take in the black and white world that paints my face. 

Gay lmao