Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★


@ Cimmy and I will take a road trip this summer I swear to god. I’ll bring the joints, Cimmy brings the van. Really need to get out of this town so I can meet more people who wanna go on some trips.

“Truth is cool but unattainable... the truth is totally amazing, but you can't ever reach it.”

This movie confirms men think with their penis not their brain. Interesting how Tenoch and Julio at firat are very uncomfortable with a woman having the same sexual freedom they exhibit. Also I’ve been watching so many films recently with guys who don’t know how to pull out jesus how hard can it be. I love how Luisa insults Tenoch and Julio’s masculinity while still fucking them. “Despite the fiasco, you each have your own charms. Both have to quit whacking off and work up your resistance.”

“Who cares if you fucked each others girls when you come that fast!”

“Ive been stirring your vanilla! We’re milk brothers!” <this entire conversation was so funny

I think sex scenes are the best way to open a film

I love the scenes at the beach. I’m reminded of the week over this summer when I met someone while visiting the Outer Banks and ended up leaving my vacation house every night to smoke weed on the beach with him and stare at the stars. That was the most alive I’ve felt in a while

“Give yourself away like the sea”

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