Matty G

23 going on 13. Living my best life one Nancy Meyers movie at a time.

Favorite films

  • Mr. Klein
  • Bless Their Little Hearts
  • Between the Lines
  • The Sweet Hereafter

Recent activity

  • Dune

  • Poltergeist

  • Phantom of the Paradise

  • The Future

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  • Red Dollars

    Red Dollars


    A film that, like THE CRANES ARE FLYING or MEAN STREETS, crams as many influences and ideas as it can into its short runtime: character intros by way of Tarantino, voiceover worthy of DAYS OF HEAVEN, and more, all propelled by a frenetic energy and cohesion that could only come from its authors. RED DOLLARS is a scatterbrained and scintillating film. On top of their energy, Bateman and Cardoza bring a welcome cartoonish flair to the genre that makes you…

  • Joker


    Being mad at this movie is like being mad at that college freshman who is just getting into Marxism and drafts graphic novels about overthrowing the government during bio.... I have always loved that kid! He has style and guts.