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This review may contain spoilers.

i still remember vividly to this day the first time i watched this film, i was around eleven, i was shacking in my tracks, very much petrified, ghostface was one of my biggest childhood fear (and leatherface) please he was so intimidating, i was close to my breaking point, then discovering it was jill plus charlie the nerdy kid killing everybody (even her mom....what?!?!?) was mindblowing, for me she was the sweet little girl from aquamarine, i felt betrayed, scream 4 ruined my weekend... now watching it from a different perspective it's hilarious, the people that ghostface killed were pretty much dumb, they had it coming, the deaths were so close and so dramatic, the guy stabbed in the back just dies instantly but the guy stabbed in his fucking forehead just keeps walking, suffering and making a scene, please he was so extra 😭 i consider it a pandemic, a pretty bad situation was happening in that city, the devil was back killing left and right, and everybody was still partying, going out, fearless, it reminds me of a certain situation going on right now.... the scene where jill pretends to be pre-killed was kinda concerning, homegirl just took a knife put it against a wall and walked towards that wall, esther should take notes, the concept of the movie inside of the movie? adorable and kirby naming all of the iconic horror movies ever made *chef kiss* although i watched this movie before the part where charlie reveals to be the murderer caught me off guard AGAIN, i thought it was trevor all along cause he gave me psycho vibes, i should have learned from the first time.

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