Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

When I saw that Sophia Takai is going to be directing and co-writing this, I was very curious about her to take on the movie since the films she has directed are well-received critically wise. I was hoping that her husband Lawrence Michael Levine was involved as a writer as he has written her directed movies, but I still have some hope for her take. The trailers didn’t seem that bad either as it looked kind of cool as we don’t usually get a female empowerment type of film that’s mainstream besides Terminator Dark Fate, and seeing how Blumhouse did with a popular franchise like Halloween, I was really interested in this project. Then I saw the reviews which got me confused, then I saw Jeremy Jahns and Brad Jones review on it, and I got extremely curious and worried at the same time. So after giving it a watch, now I haven’t seen any of the Black Christmas films, but I really hope this isn’t like any of those films because this was quite frankly one of the worst remakes I’ve seen in a while, and if I have seen the original, it probably would’ve been worse given with the recognition that the original has gotten.

Let’s go the praises … ummm, the last act got interesting in terms of how insane it got, Imogen Poots is trying in this even though she’s not that great in the film, and that’s pretty much it for praises.

The first half of the film is so unbelievably dull to watch that I felt like I was watching the remake of Jacob’s Ladder again in terms of how boring it is. The acting is so bad that I felt so annoyed by the characters of their preachy bullshit. The kills in this film are so lame that the movie being PG-13 is so baffling to me. The characters are so forgettable and annoying that I wanted almost all of the characters to get killed by a bunch of frat guys. The movie makes all of the men look like either jerks, dumbasses, or damsels in distress, and I was just rolling my eyes when I saw that. It wasn’t much better for the women either because some of them are idiots that don’t know how to pick up the phone apparently or call the police. The scares are so jump scary that there wasn’t a single scare that was effective to me. The twist in the film was so baffling to me that I was very surprised that the movie was green-lighted. It was hitting you in the head so much about its political agenda that it’s basically a BuzzFeed movie for women that are produced by PureFlix. I couldn’t even believe what I was watching and actually got more interested in the last act just to know how batshit insane it keeps going. I would say it’s unpredictable, but not in a good way. There are plenty of other female empowerment films that I rather see, I mean hell, I rather go see You’re Next, and that wasn’t a good movie either. I’m going to assume that the remake bastardized the original by focusing more on the film’s political agenda than making a film in itself. I don’t know what happened with this film, but I really hope Sophia Takai does much better in her next film because I have a feeling that she’s not going to make a mainstream film for a while after that trainwreck of a film. Hope that her previous films are actually good because this is a rough start for me to get started with her works.

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