Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

i feel very mixed about this film. i enjoyed it, and it was one of tarantino's most entertaining for me but also entirely too long. i liked a lot of the themes that it touched on like the feeling of failure and insecurity, although in the grand scheme of things when i think back, not a lot happened. it's ridiculously long but only covers a couple of days and then skips months ahead towards a crazy, violent climax that is entertaining but unearned.

leo and brad are great, and so is margot robbie, but she's super under used and i mostly just felt sad during her brief scenes. i feel like i almost would have preferred a true drama about the fall of a hollywood star than this part drama/part ode to 60s hollywood/part crime thriller. like i said, it touches on some themes that i liked and relate to recently but that's just it. it only touches on these things and they never really all tie together to form something meaningful.

as soon as the credits rolled i was thinking about seeing it again, so we'll see if this rating and my feelings change.

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