Santeri Laasanen

Santeri Laasanen

Writer, illustrator, animator and film buff.

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  • Soul



    Damn, what a pleasant surprise after years of colourless Pixar sequels. It has a good balance of candy colour Pixar dreamscapes and warmly gritty New York realism.

  • Aladdin



    If anything, this reminded me that the original is pretty good. Everything they added actually manages to make the story worse.

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  • The Hypnotist

    The Hypnotist


    Sublime stuff. Probably the best documentary I've seen since The Other Side of Everything. This is a film that exists somewhere in the mystical meeting point of hypnotism, entertainment and politics. It will take your brain for a ride and the less you know of the subject matter before watching, the better.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    It's weird, meandering and unstructured, and like with Hateful Eight I have no clue if Tarantino is:

    1) a problematic old man
    2) a biting satirist
    3) incredibly fucking cynical
    4) all of the above OR
    5) just doing some Tarantino shit idk

    I did immensely enjoy the experience but to say what Quentin is actually doing here, besides a kind of a time capsule mixtape, might be entirely impossible.

    This also includes the most overt feet porn of his Hollywood career.