Seth Mummel

I’m just a midwestern feller who loves film, video games, cool guitar riffs and Nick Cave, among a few other things.

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  • Crash



    This rocked. The performances, the direction of the sparse dialogue, the music, the writing, the cinematography and framing... it all collides together in the production of this eerie and detached dreamlike atmosphere, with a surprising amount of humor as well. The apocalyptic highways clogged with travelers thoughtlessly “gathering” as our subjects weave in and out amongst them, stopping only to fuck in plain sight or to plan their next euphoric catastrophe. 

    As bodies are broken and bent, as the cars…

  • Doubting Thomas

    Doubting Thomas

    Cuck Kino... or is it???

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  • 9/11


    Witness the resurrection of Charlie Sheen...

    Martin Guigui, director of Raging Bull 2 and bearer of a funny sounding name, graces us with 9/11, a film that seemed so misguided and exploitive that I decided I needed to see it on 9/11. 
    And so I did. 
    And so it was. 

    Featuring a star studded cast of Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg, Luis Guzman, and Avon Barksdale from The Wire, who all become trapped in an elevator during the namesake attack. 9/11…

  • Night on the Galactic Railroad

    Night on the Galactic Railroad


    The marriage of Kenji Miyazawa’s devotion to Buddhist philosophy with the stunning visuals of Christian iconography is a perfect summation of this film’s approach to universal truths from differing angles. No matter where we come from or what codes we apply to our lives, we are machines inexplicably propelled towards fate, celestial locomotives where logic of practicalities such as fuel sources need not apply. “What is true happiness?” A question posed as a core tenet of the film, the answer…