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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    ᚎ #damn

    My guy friends and I went to see this as part of a double-header today.* Interestingly, it was their choice to see this, not mine.

    One of them deadpanned before we went in, "We're going to see a film about a woman hunting down disgusting, relentless predators. Then we're going to go see Monster Hunter."

    Five minutes in he was like, "This is so uncomfortable." I said, "That's the whole movie." He replied, "Fuck!"

    Still, we loved it.…

  • Traxx



    A masterpiece of WTF '80s cinema.

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  • Indiana Jones 5

    Indiana Jones 5

    I'll only watch this if Werner Herzog directs a contractually obligated, frustrated and angry Shia LaBeouf at gunpoint.

  • Tread



    It's quintessentially American when there's a story about an angry, entitled white dude who is "ordered by God" to build a death tank and wreck havoc on a small town- including an old lady's house and a library filled with small children- and people are like, "He's a hero and a patriot."

    Dude, he wanted to blow up an entire neighborhood by shooting up a yard full of propane tanks. Over a zoning dispute.