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This review may contain spoilers.

I think of this film in the same terms as The Station Agent, in that it's about a small town outsider whose progress seems so minuscule from the outside but it's major on the inside.

Seeing this years later only proves how quiet and masterful Pruitt Taylor Vince's performance is. It's a nearly silent role and could have come across as empty or- even worse- creepy, but he walks that delicate tightrope of being a tender, well-meaning but lost soul who isn't at rest in his own body. The feelings Victor has for Callie never verge on entitled, but come from the possibility of connecting with someone. Throughout the film you see that connection going both ways for different reasons, but Heavy eschews audience expectations. These two were never meant to be together, only to help the other recognize that they need to escape their circumstances. Both of them are hemmed in by the damaged and shitty people in their lives.

The ending is just as it should be, although Callie's fate is more vague. Victor is learning it's time to forge new, healthy relationships where he can be loved in return, taking one step at a time. It's a change that seems so small, but hopefully leads to bigger things.