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  • Psychomania



    a vibe I treasure. watched this very early morning a few days ago when I woke up in a panic attack over work, and β€˜twas a solid decision. it’s quite lighthearted and odd in tone. our undead biker gang just wants to have fun and spread some mayhem. between their antics, the charming supernatural stuff, surreal sprinkles, lots of hanging in that cemetery, a wonderfully psychedelic score, and seventies style, I was very much into it.

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    this was pretty okay. I typically try my best to approach prequels/sequels/reimaginings/whatever without expectations tied to the original. but it felt somewhat impossible here. the suspense and atmosphere hit me as being toned down and less effective, the cast was good but characters felt not quite as memorable, and as you guys know, yeah the effects situation is a bummer. probably sounds like I didn’t enjoy this, but honestly it’s really not all bad! I had a decent time watching as it snowed outside this morning and I sipped on some hot cocoa with dandies.

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  • Next of Kin

    Next of Kin


    fucking dripping with atmosphere and mystery. familiar and beloved elements blend together to create something I’ve never seen before, something in its own class. couldn’t get enough of that spooky mansion holding secrets, the heavy rains outside, paranoia in the air, dreams and strange sightings/happenings. visuals and score so on point here. what a delight.

  • Sator



    some real quiet, slow deep woods psych-occult shit right here, count me in. the visuals and sounds are entrancing. and the moments in nature- the forest, the mountains, the sky - are captured with such care and fused with the created world in a way that summons a lingering mood.Β 

    the only place this fell a bit short for me was with some of the dialogue; I didn’t mind the plot being murky, I’m actually down for that, but there…