Distant Voices, Still Lives

Distant Voices, Still Lives ★★★★★

Distant Voices, Still Lives achieves emotional transcendence as we float from one memory to the next in this poignant mosaic of family life among the English working class in the 40s and 50s. Each scene exists to capture a specific moment or feeling time and the impressionistic formal touches make it feel as though you’re reminiscing over your own life. There’s a dreamy nostalgic atmosphere throughout the film often countered by moments of stark violence, and personal tragedy that we all deal with in life like the death of a parent. 

The camerawork combined with some stellar acting showcases makes the film come alive in a way few ever can. Each evocative rendition of an old pop song or standard is inviting in its warmth yet overwhelming in its emotional force. These performances color nearly every scene serving to add layers emotional depth and a sense of authenticity to an already wonderfully constructed film. I’ve barely finished watching but I’ve got a feeling that many moments contained here will stay in my memory.

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