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older reviews are dicey, favorites are all-timers that I’ve recently rewatched

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  • Stemple Pass

    Stemple Pass

    plays very much like a recontextualization of Benning’s film from the previous year, Small Roads (as well as most of his more optimistic films). Where in that film the small discoveries that are to be found give every landscape (however lonely) a sense of wonder, this film only gets more ominous and chilling the more you look at it. the mist and foliage that gives Small Roads its beauty is rendered here as unfeeling, the earth going about its natural processes while an inevitable evil hides amongst it. much more to say but this may be Benning’s ultimate statement

  • Angel's Egg

    Angel's Egg

    captures the same energy that drew me to Adventure Time when I was younger, that being a sense of history exposing itself through landscapes, and the curiosity and fear that comes with uncovering it. obviously this film exists in much more of a minor key than that show and is a fairly sorrowful 70 minutes, but I see that intrigue in every frame. thanks to Kanye for finally getting me to watch this

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  • Rope


    frequently got distracted by how beautiful the light changing outside the window was (this is 100% a compliment)

  • Inception


    whenever im sleeping: this is like the movie inception