Suicide Squad

I should've listened to my friend and not watch this, but I had to.

I don't know where to stat to be honest. This was very... bad. My main problem with the movie wasn't with the technical aspects, which were pretty bad though, but with the movie itself: it was just boring. Seriously, I can't remember being bored like that by a "blockbuster". The fights were lame and always the same goddamn thing. The introduction to the movie, which last almost an hour was some of the worst exposition I've seen. I mean, the way they introduce each character look like the way I introduced characters in my stories when I was in elementary school. It's also the same thing over and over: chopper crashes; let's go there; another chopper crashes; let's go there. It got really repetitive especially with those characters.

I can't say I hated the characters, but I really questioned the purpose of some. I feel like Boomerang is in there just to be funny and have a guy with an accent. Killer Croc is fucking useless. The girl with the katana doesn't do shit. Deadshot is cool and Will Smith's portrayal isn't bad, but I didn't buy the "supposed" emotional moments with him. I really love the character of Harley Quinn and while I think Margot Robbie was really good, I feel like she was over doing it by moments. And is she supposed to be funny with all her quirks? Cause damn she wasn't to me. Leto's Joker wasn't bad; it's a different Joker all together and Leto embraces it fully; maybe a bit too much like Robbie though. Finally, The Enchantress; honestly they didn't give Cara Delevingne much to work it, which is a shame, and why the hell is she kind of dancing at end? My problem with the Enchantress comes more from the source material: I don't get why they send a guy with a dead on accuracy and an insane girl with a baseball bat to get rid of a witch who's 6000 years old. Doesn't make sense in my head.

Now, to the technical aspects that I noticed. I didn't see the bad editing that much. I mostly saw it in the first hour, maybe I was too bored after to see it. The CGI isn't bad for the most part, but can be somewhat bad by moments (chopper crashes). The writing is a bit of pain. Especially with lines such as "we're bad guys", which I feel, didn't work at all. The soundtrack is pretty goddamn great though, some really nice songs, but, sadly, baldy used. Most songs didn't feat with the scene or there's a scene transition and they put the song and it's just weird. And they cut Bohemian Rhapsody!! What the fuck? You don't cut Bohemian Rhapsody. I also have to mention how ugly this movie looks; it's just not pretty. Especially that damn last fight where I couldn't see shit because of the wind or I don't know what.

So overall, I'd say Suicide Squad is a really big boring mess. There are way too much characters and they are presented in a really cheap way. They even put Batman in those sequences just to please the crowd and I feel his presence is really forced there. On a technical aspect it's also pretty damn bad. However, the worst part for me is that it's plain boring. Nothing more. And I can't say I'm a fan of the supernatural big bad at the end; felt the same way about Doomsday in B vs. S. Damn that was a waste of time.

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