Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★

I’m really really unhappy with this movie. I get what it’s trying to say, but I didn’t feel any of it. The sound design didn’t work for me. But that isn’t the issue with this film. What bothers me is how people are portrayed in here.

First the main character. We learn he is a musician who does noisy music (I don’t mean it in a bad way, I’m a fan of noisy stuff myself), what we don’t see is his passion or love for what he is doing. We only get that opening scene on a concert, but that’s about it. All of a sudden he gets deaf and of course isn’t happy about it and wants to get on with his plans in life like everyone would want to, musician or not.

What’s really a shame is how little space the people in the deaf community get in this movie. They are only there to be deaf and smile into the camera like saying “hey, I’m deaf and happy!” That so so bad, like none of them needed to have a character... did the filmmaker even talk to people of such a community while writing the movie??? I’m no expert, I know almost nothing about it, but it’s sad the movie did not dig deeper. 

Also the modern medicine does not get any credits. Especially in the scene after he had his operation. It almost seemed like there was no talking between the patient and the doctor before that at all. There are videos online where people hear for the first time that give you more understanding for the whole thing than the movie in it’s whole runtime. I’m sure there are many doctors out there who are trying to help people and are not just selling a bad product...

To me in the end it felt like the filmmakers had no respect for any of the people in their own movie. First the musicians, like who needs music or art, you can live without it and be happy... or maybe the writer just dislikes (metal) music... I don’t know. The deaf community, wich got no voice in the story at all. And the medical science wich seems to be useless as well as music. Also (girl)friends are not needed in here. 

I know the people who worked on this story didn’t mean it that way. But I wished they had put more effort in it, because the choice of subject matter was a good one.

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