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  • The Unfaithful

    The Unfaithful


    Lukewarm noir based on Somerset Maugham’s 1927 play involves the killing of a man in a woman’s home (Ann Sheridan) right before her husband (Zachary Scott) returns from a business trip.  At first, what seems like a random intruder may have been much more.  With their lawyer (Lew Ayres) investigating, the pieces slowly come together (and I do mean slowly). 
              Really could’ve used some doses of suspense or urgency in certain places, and nowhere during…

  • Fear



    Enjoyable exploitation flick starts out as a budding romance between a teen Reese Witherspoon (even though the actress was actually 20 at the time) and older Mark Wahlberg.  Before long, it becomes clear that Wahlberg is a raging psycho with severe jealousy issues who can completely lose it at the flip of a switch.  Witherspoon’s best friend (Alyssa Milano) has been seeing a friend of Wahlberg’s as well, getting into some harder drugs in the process, and the storyline builds…

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Second time around, I still had a blast, the opening 45 minutes to an hour are pure dynamite for the senses.  It’s hard not to be in awe of Spielberg’s craftsmanship, especially during that first race scene.  It’s so phenomenally filmed and edited, it makes you wonder what our future will hold in the entertainment department. 
            It was fun re-watching, knowing what was coming, because it freed up the viewer to find the Easter Eggs we’d…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Epic spectacle on the grandest scale imaginable.  Effortlessly interweaves from location to location, and from hero to hero, slowing down a bit here and there with overlong expositional scenes, but filled with eye-popping art direction (there were 15 art directors who worked on this film) and staggering special effects.  
           This was the most effective of the three Avengers movies at incorporating humor into the narrative, never seeming superfluous, but more naturally occurring in the moment due…